BioNLP-ST Workshop

Date of the workshop: 9 August 2013

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Hosted by the ACL BioNLP workshop Workshop, 8-9 August 2013 in the ACL 2013 Conference

See the Schedule page for the deadlines

See Program below, with links to the papers on the ACL Anthology

Proceedings: Entire volume, Front Matter

Pre-submission phase

The submission Web site is open at for a "pre-submission phase" intended to collect descriptions of the participant teams and systems, which will be used to prepare the assignment of papers to reviewers, and which will help the task organizers include in their papers a synthesis of the results and participant methods. The questions include minimal information about your team, methods, and resources used in the challenge.

Deadline for pre-submission: April 26

Please submit title, authors, and description of participant team, methods, and resources.

Submission phase

Paper submission proper will open at the same address on April 27.

Authors will still be able to revise their descriptions of teams and systems in that phase.

Participant papers can be submitted in two formats:

    • long paper, 8 pages plus up to 2 pages of references

    • short paper, 4 pages plus up to 2 pages of references

Submissions must be electronic and in PDF format, and should follow the two-column format of ACL proceedings. Please see the conference website for details. Authors are strongly encouraged to use the style files and formatting instructions available on the conference website: (scroll down)

Note however that contrary to the ACL main conference, authors' names should not be blinded, but rather included openly. In the context of the shared task, genuine anonymity would not be possible since published results will identify teams anyway.

Deadline for submission of papers: extended to May 3, 23:59 GMT-12 (closed)

Program: Friday, August 9, 2013